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16 août 2007 4 16 /08 /août /2007 23:31
Mere Jeevan Saathi (2005)

La chanson "Deewani" est extraite du film "Mere Jeevan Saathi" avec Akshay Kumar , Karishma Kapoor et Amisha Patel .
La chanson est interpretée par Abhijeet et Sadhana Sargam .

Ce film devait marquer le retour de l'actrice Karishma Kapoor même si ce film ne restera pas dans les annales ,la chanson "Deewani" certainement , de plus de posséder un rythme entrainant et des paroles touchantes on peut voir dans ce clip que Karishma reste inimitable dans le domaine de la danse .

Kaun samjhega unka dard bhala,
Who can understand their hurt,
jinki dhadkhan ne chhot khaayi hai
those whose hearts have been hurt..
log kehte hain yaahan ishq jisse,
The thing people here call love,
aisa lagta hai, bewafaayi hai..
it seems like its just unfaithfulness

deewani deewani deewani
lover (obsessive/crazy lover even)
mujhe lakh samjhaaya...dil ne mere
thousands of times my heart tried to tell me
haan magar maine dil ki na maani
yes, but i didn't listen to my heart
deewani main deewani, sajan ki deewani
crazy, i'm crazy, in the love of my beloved

main deewana houn in adaaon ka
i'm crazy over these styles (ways of doing things)..
maine toh pyaar kiya hai tumse
i have loved you
zindagi bar tumhe hi chaahounga
for the rest of my life i will love only you
maine ikraar kiya hai tumse
i have consented to you

main bhi saajan tumhari chaahat mein
I too, beloved, will in your love
sari duniya ko bhool jaaoungi
forget the rest of teh world
saath sehloongi sare daad-o-gham
i will take all the pains and sadness
dil ke rishte ko mein nibhaaoungi
i will follow through with the bonds of the heart.

bhulaaoungi kaise bhala mein sanam
How can i forget, my love,
mohabbat bhari yeh nishaani
this sign of your love
deewani mein deewani..sajan ki deewani
crazy, i'm crazy, in the love of my beloved

neend jab tootegi toh, hosh mein aaungi mein
when my sleep breaks/ends, i will come back to my senses,
kaun hai kaisa hai woh, sab ko batlaaoungi main
who he is, how he is, i will tell everyone
sari duniya ke aage...kisa yeh kam karke
in front of the whole world, i will tell this story
jaaongi is mehfil se usko badnaam karke
i will leave this crowd only after giving him a bad name (disgracing him)
usne dil todha mera...uska dil todh doungi
he broke my heart..i will break his heart
woh na samjhe ke usko aise hi chhod doongi
Let him not think that i will just let him be.

maine us bewaafa ko puja hai
I was devoted to that unfaithful person
maine toh pyaar sirf pyaar kiya
I loved and only loved (loved him unconditionally)
doh jaahan ko bulaa ke maine toh
I forgot about the rest of the world
apne dilbar pe jaanesar kiya
I gave up my life for my sweetheart

kabhi sochti houn jo mein beeti baatein
whenever i think about these past talks
barasta hai aankhon mein paani
my eyes shed tears
deewani mein deewani sajan ki deewani..
crazy, im crazy in the love of my beloved...

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